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Based in Massachusetts, CPS Healthcare provides comprehensive correctional healthcare services across the country. CPS offers exceptional healthcare to our patients, innovative solutions to our clients, and a supportive work environment to our team members.

  • CPS is committed to improving correctional healthcare delivery.

  • At CPS, we develop customized technology and software to enhance all aspects of correctional healthcare quality such as safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness.

“Our team of experienced correctional administrators and practitioners is what makes us unique and why we are successful.”

Dr. Veliz, CPS’ founder and president

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Correctional Psychiatric Services, P.C., is a Massachusetts-based company and a Minority-Business Enterprise (MBE) with more than 27 years of providing expert management, clinical leadership, and medical and behavioral services for numerous correctional facilities across New England. 


At CPS, we recognize that every site is unique, and we work with each site to optimize and customize healthcare delivery at each facility. Unlike the large national vendors, CPS focuses on providing personalized administration and customer service. We offer the same array of services as the national vendors and deliver it in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Our outstanding reputation for high quality care and our desire to form solid partnerships with our clients have allowed us to become the proven choice for correctional facilities that want a hands-on approach from a comprehensive medical vendor.

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Correctional medicine and mental health treatment offer new and exciting career opportunities. Health care providers in a correctional environment treat the same chronic diseases and mental illnesses that are seen in the community. In the rapidly changing healthcare industry, private practice physicians and mid-level practitioners may find correctional healthcare extremely appealing. Without the headaches associated with insurance paperwork practitioners have more time to focus on providing healthcare. 


In many ways the correctional health unit is safer than your local Emergency Room. Our providers receive orientation and training, work closely with and are supervised by correctional staff. Detainees and inmates are more stable and their medical and mental health needs are proactively managed from the time they are admitted to the facility.

Practitioners are exposed to a variety of specialties including emergency medicine, internal medicine and chronic disease management, addictions, obstetrics and women's health, and psychiatry. The patient population is largely high risk with demographic factors such as low income and significantly impoverished populations, high elderly populations and those with a high infant mortality.

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Improving Patient Safety: The Dartmouth Behavioral Unit (DBU)

In collaboration with the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, CPS developed an innovative incentive-based programming unit to provide increased mental health treatment and behavioral interventions to inmates who exhibit an inability to maintain behavioral control, engage in self-injurious and /or acquire recurrent disciplinary sanctions.




  • Bristol County Sheriff’s Office

  • Dukes County Sheriff’s Office

  • Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office  

  • Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office  

  • Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office

  • Suffolk County (Nashua Street Jail & South Bay House of Correction)




  • Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office  

  • Androscoggin County

  • Knox County

CPS has partners at six different sites in the Northeast:

  • Greater Boston (MA)

  • Dukes County (MA)

  • Rhode Island

  • Maine

  • Connecticut

  • Pennsylvania

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CPS strives for a high level of staff commitment, reduced turnover, enhanced quality of services, transparency, and a team-oriented approach with our clients. We succeed where others fail in recruiting qualified staff for difficult-to-fill correctional positions. We believe in investing in our personnel and in providing extensive training so each of our staff can consistently deliver high quality care.

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Correctional medicine affords the opportunity to work in a unique and challenging environment. The work is rewarding providing meaningful and needed services to an underserved population.

Praying Together

creating a larger impact

CPS works collaboratively across systems to design and implement evidence-based programming to forward the goals of individual recovery, recidivism reduction and public safety.   

The CPS team believes in the importance of developing strong ties with local communities to create a larger impact. Throughout the years, CPS has developed various partnerships and produced innovative programs in collaboration with community partners such as:

  • The Crimson Care Collaboration. Mass General Hospital Physician Resident and Nurse Practitioner student clinical rotations

  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine Partnership

  • Cape Cod Healthcare- Coordinated Health Interventions (CHI) Program

  • The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center (CPC). A treatment program for criminal justice involved clients with problematic sexual offending behavior, mental Illness and/or substance use. 

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